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Soft drinks are bad for you, and that is something we all have known for a while. We know that they are loaded with sugar which is extremely harmful for your health in general, not just because that much sugar is bad for your teeth only. As an attempt to make soft drinks ‘healthier’, many manufactures have started producing diet and even sugar-free versions of their drinks, substituting sugar with artificial sweeteners. However, another aspect of sugary and sugar-free drinks which is often overlooked is their acidity and how much harm it can do to your teeth.

Acid Can Cause Tooth Decay

Tooth decay that leads to cavities has traditionally been linked to the consumption of large amounts of sugary soft drinks, as well as the lack of proper dental hygiene. However, it is the acid in these drinks that actually facilitates the process of tooth decay and damaging the tooth enamel. High acidity in your mouth dissolves the outer layer of the enamel, so when the inner layers of the teeth are exposed to the sugar, acid and bacteria in your mouth it makes them really sensitive and prone to developing cavities.

Prevention Is Important

The easiest way to prevent your teeth being damaged by acid in soft drinks is to avoid drinking them at all – they do more harm than good to your health anyway. If you are not yet willing to completely give up on soft drinks and replace them with water, you can still keep your teeth in a good condition by minimizing the contact between the acid and your teeth. A quick and simple method is to rinse your mouth using ordinary tap water right after you finish your drink. You might also ask for a straw. Avoid keeping sips from your drink in your mouth for a longer period, because this prolongs the harmful effects of sugar and acid.

We hope this information was helpful. If you are in the Nashville, TN area and do not have a dentist please consider Music City Dental. Our goal is to help you have the healthiest smile in Middle Tennessee.

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