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Visiting the dentist is a phobia for many people that causes high anxiety and stress. Fearful patients often neglect the health of their teeth, all to avoid a trip to the dentist. If you find yourself feeling stressed and anxious at the thought of visiting the dentist, you can be at ease knowing that a safe, comfortable method does exist. Sedation dentistry alleviates anxiety so you can have peace of mind when visiting the dentist and achieving a healthy smile.

What does sedation dentistry entail?

If you fear dental appointments, contact a dentist to determine if sedation dentistry is appropriate for you; this decision is based off of your medical history and current medications. If you are a good candidate for sedation services, your dentist will choose an appropriate anti-anxiety or sedative prescription drug for you to take prior to your appointment. The medications prescribed are safe and widely-used to alleviate anxiety and help patients feel at ease.

The patient anxiety level will help the dentist determine the appropriate dosage, which defines the consciousness level of the patient during the appointment. Some patients may become so tranquil that they fall asleep during the procedure. Throughout the dental procedure, vital signs will be closely monitored to ensure your safety and well-being. When selecting sedation dentistry, a family member or friend must be able to accompany you and drive you to and from your appointment; they also need to spend two to four hours with you after the procedure.

Why sedation dentistry?

Patients may opt for sedation dentistry if they:

  • Experience extreme anxiety/fear when faced with dental tools
  • Are unable to be comfortable in a dentist exam chair due to neck/back problems
  • Local anesthetics are ineffective
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex
  • Procrastinate on important dental treatments because they are worrisome

What risks and side effects are associated with sedation dentistry?

The anti-anxiety medications prescribed to achieve sedation have been used and studied for years, which means that side effects are known and widely documented. These medications are generally safe for most patients and have a low incidence rate of minor side effects.

Patients who receive sedation dentistry typically experience the following:

  • Retrograde amnesia, which causes the patient to remember little to nothing about the dental procedure
  • Decreased post-operative soreness
  • Dry mouth
  • A very small percentage of patients may have temporary hiccups after using oral sedation drugs

If you have been putting off your dental visits for some time due to fear of the dentist, contact Music City Dental in Nashville today to schedule a consultation to determine if sedation dentistry is right for you. We strive to provide the most relaxing and stress free experience possible.

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